UNITED CEMENT PTE. LTD., Pulau Damar Laut, Singapore

IBAU Central cone ring silo, total diameter 24.2 m, silo height 67.0 m and a total volume of 29500 t.

Changes in the production of binders and fillers, for example by grinding the mixing components separately or utilizing waste materials, fly ash, etc., have had an effect on silo technology,the preparation of the bulk materials and ultimately the dispatch technology.
The concentration of storage, blending and dispatch for a greatly increased number of bulk materials, interground additives and mixed products has eventually led to the concept of a multicompartment, high-capacity silo system with integral positive mixer and dispatch station.
This particular IBAU Central cone ring silo for cement and slag has been built for Pan United on Damar Laut Island, Singapore. Underneath the raised bottom are installed 2 pneumatic silo discharge systems with a discharge of 300 t/h as well as a pneumatic transport with bucket elevator and IBAU Fluidslide to the loading station, having a conveying capacity of 300 t/h.
Furthermore, 2 stationary IBAU Loading stations are installed below the raised bottom each with a loading capacity of 150 t/h.


Client United Cement Pte. Ltd.
Type Central Cone Silo
Diameter 24.2 m
Capacity 29500 t
Location Pulau Damar Laut, Singapore


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