NGHI SON CEMENT storage silos

Two 15000 t cement storage silos with a diameter of 22 m and a silo height of 46 m and one cement storage silo with 30000 t capacity, a diameter of 28 m and 60 m height.

Nghi Son Cement Company (NSCC) is a joint venture between Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation (VICEM) and two multinational corporations of Japan – Taiheiyo and Mitsubishi Materials. With the completion of its second production line in 2010, the production capacity of NSCC has doubled to 4.3 MTA.
A large quantity of cement from the Thanh Hoa production site in the North is transported by ship to two distribution terminals in the South. In the cement plant, IBAU Single-compartment silos with 30000 and 20000 t are installed.
The Hiep Phuoc terminal is close to HCMC in the South of Vietnam while the Ninh Thuy distribution terminal is located in the Van Phong Economic Zone in Khanh Hoa province in Central Vietnam.
NSCC operates its own fleet of cement carriers. A fourth cement ship with 14500 DWT was needed to strengthen the tanker fleet to meet the higher transportation demand of the new production line.
The Hiep Phuoc Distribution terminal was installed with two 15000 t IBAU Silos, each with 22 m in diameter and 46 m silo height. Now a third even larger single compartment silo with 30000 t storage capacity, 28 m in diameter and 60 m height has been constructed. The new large capacity silo will be used as a buffer silo.
When the new silo is in operation, the terminal will have a capacity of nearly 1.5 MTA. The opening ceremony of the Ninh Thuy Distribution terminal was in September 2010. The new 20 US$m terminal has a receiving and distribution capacity of 0.5 MTA to supply warehouses along the central coast up to Da Nang. It is equipped with one IBAU silo for 15000 t capacity with 22 m in diameter. The discharge capacity of the Silos is 550 t/h for two truck loading lanes and one packing plant with H&B Rotopacker.


Type cement storage silos
Technology central cone
Location Hiep Phuoc, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam


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