Silo Anti-Segregation Feeding system, Silo Discharge systems, Pneumatic Transport Systems with Fluidslides, Big-Bag Unloading Station, Truck loading station for Alumina and Fluorinated Alumina

Large aluminum smelter plants require several storage silos with high capacities. If the material is delivered by ship, pneumatic ship discharge systems are used for unloading capacities of 600 – 800 t/h. Alumina takes the form of a fine white powder with a relatively small grain size distribution between 1 – 200 μm.
A problem is caused by the fine material, usually accounting for 5 -10%, with the particle, sizes Segregation phenomena occurring in individual zones of the storage silo may cause enrichment of the fine material. After discharge in the downstream process chain, this will impair the efficiency of the electrolytic cells and increase HF emissions, thus having an adverse effect on the smelting process.
That’s why alumina storage silos are equipped with a so-called anti-segregation system. IBAU HAMBURG has revolutionized this system, thus offering operators of aluminum smelter plants improved process stability. Its patented system firstly prevents segregation occurring due to dead areas of flow in the silo by ensuring even silo filling via a distribution system with fluidslides. Systematic venting of the displaced air firstly produces air flows in the silo that prevents dead areas of flow and segregation.
Secondly, the silo discharge system is designed to ensure homogenization of possible segregations. The silo operates according to the “First-in/First-out” principle. Material discharge is carried out via sectional aeration of the silo bottom. For homogenization blending of the material is performed from individual ventilation sections of the silo bottom. The material is discharged from the alumina silo at rates of 300 – 500 t/h. Storage silos with a center outlet have proved to be practical here. The material is discharged downwards from the center outlet via a fluidslide.
Silo discharge is carried out using an IBAU Flow-control gate, which provides for the controlled discharge of material. Actuation of the individual aeration sections of the silo bottom with blower air is ensured by annular butterfly valves and components, used as a standard in the tried and tested central cone silos of IBAU HAMBURG.


Client Maaden - Saudi Arabian Mining Company
Location Saudi Arabian