HOLCIM Dotternhausen

HOLCIM, Dotternhausen, Germany

Raw meal blending silo with a diameter of 20 m, silo height 55 m, silo capacity approx 10,000 m3

Holcim operates a 1.6 Mta cement plant in Dotternhausen/Germany. The plant uses oil shale for the production of cement. About 300,000 t of oil shale per year is supplied to the thermal treatment plant for electricity generation and the burnt oil shale is used as a hydraulic binder with up to 35 % contents in different Portland-burnt shale cements, corresponding to CEM II/A-T and CEM II/B-T cements. The oil shale saves costs for electric energy and provides the clinker substitute for low-CO2 cements.
The silo has a raised bottom for direct bulk loading into trucks and rail cars. The outer ring silo has four compartments, each of 2,000 m3, while the central (inner) silo has a 9.5 m diameter and likewise a capacity of 2,000 m3. The outer ring section compartments have two discharge sections each, while the inner cell has one central discharge. Each discharge section is connected via fluid-slides to one of the three IBAU Simplex loaders, which provide a loading range of 4-5 m and 250 t/h loading capacity. Two of the mobile loaders are for the loading of railcars, while one mobile loader is used for the truck loading lane.


Client Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH
Type Raw Meal Blending Silo
Silo Capacity 10,000 m3
Location Dotternhausen, Germany


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