HOLCIM Brunsbüttel

HOLCIM (DEUTSCHLAND), Brunsbüttel, Germany

Cement terminal with 8 storage silos

The complex is equipped with a total storage capacity of 12,000 t with 6 truck unloading stations and a ship loading station with a loading capacity of 500 t/h.
The construction time from completion of the foundations to commissioning was only three months and was completed on schedule. The 250 m long ship berth is situated close to the Ostermoor ferry on the Kiel Canal. Ships with a loading capacity of 3,000 to 20,000 dwt can be loaded dust-free there.
Both self-discharging cement ships and so-called “bulkers” are being used. The terminal takes up very little space.
The storage capacity of all eight storage silos amounts to 12,000 t. Each silo is of steel construction and has a diameter of 9 m and is 34 m high. The silos were not newly constructed for the project, but were moved from another site in Lübeck. The silos were shipped from Lübeck upright on a pontoon through the Kiel Canal to Brunsbüttel.
Europe’s largest mobile crane was used for the handling of the silos at both sites. Along with the existing silos, the existing silo filters, cut-off gates and silo level indicators were used. Additional equipment was supplied and installed by IBAU HAMBURG.


Client Holcim (Deutschland) GmbH
Type Cement Terminal
Capacity 12,000 t
Location Brunsbüttel, Germany


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