GOLIATH PORTLAND, Cement Co. LTD., Factory Railton, Australia

Raw meal blending silo with 18 m in diameter, silo height 53 m, silo capacity 10000 m3

The feeding of the silo takes place via a novel type of parallel distributor ensuring a controlled build-up of the different material layers. Homogenizing of the raw meal is achieved by causing the layers of different CaCo3 content to flow together by funneling flows and thus merging with one another.
The gravity flow in the funnels produces the blending effect. The bottom of the silo is divided into aeration sections. each section has a flow-control gate and an air valve assigned to it. Blowers are available for aerating the silo bottom.
As a result, funnels are formed simultaneously, developing relatively slowly from the silo bottom to the upper surface of the stored material. The controlled funnel formation process avoids that the fresh raw meal which has just been fed into the silo can rush straight through to the silo outlet. The power consumption amounts to 0.1 – 0.3 KWh/t of raw mix.


Client Goliath Portland Cement Company Ltd.
Type Raw Meal Blending Silo
Silo Capacity 10,000 m³
Silo Height 53 m
Location Railton, Australia


Christian von Ahn
Mr. Christian von Ahn
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