Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Hannover-Braunschweig

Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Hannover-Braunschweig GmbH, Power plant Mehrum

The fly ash will be stored in an IBAU silo of a capacity of 25,000 t with a diameter of 26m. The fly ash will be discharged as dry ash to close or as wet ash to open trucks. Furthermore, the fly ash will be conveyed by an IBAU Pump to two homogenizing silos.

IBAU HAMBURG supplies pneumatic systems for the storage of fly ash at power plants. They function according to the “First-in/First-out” principle.

IBAU Central cone silos: These silos have proven their worth time and time again and are the industrial standard for storage volumes up to 30,000 m3. They are equipped with a pneumatic discharge bottom and provide for metered and maintenance-free discharge of material. A Multi-chamber design is possible. The machining equipment and loading systems are situated underneath the central cone. From being waste material, fly ash has now become a commodity.

IBAU HAMBURG is supporting this with innovative and economical technology. Fly ash from an upstream classification system (e.g. using screen devices or air separators) is processed into high-quality ash with a continuous mechanical mixer. Mixers with capacities ranging between 100 to 250 t/h are used here. Classification, for example, allows the carbon levels to be kept below permissible limits or specific finenesses to be separated. To satisfy the high-quality requirements stipulated by the cement and concrete standards additional fly ash homogenization may be necessary with quality fluctuations occurring due to firing.

At least two silos are required for such a concept. One silo is used to take up the fly ash during operation while homogenization is carried out in the second silo. The silos are equipped with so-called “quadrant homogenisation” systems, which are used to fluidize, circulate and mix the contents of the silo section by section.


Client Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Hannover-Braunschweig GmbH
Type IBAU Central cone silos
Location Mehrum, Germany


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