Alumina storage silo with fluidslide distribution system and integrated loading station

The conveying elements for alumina and additives used in aluminum smelter plants are based on the proven modular system from IBAU HAMBURG.
IBAU Flow-control gates are used for the volumetric flow control of mass flows from a silo. An adjustable roller is used for this purpose. It offers different roller apertures depending on the application and thus provides for the throughput of various volume flows.

There is a range of drive concepts here. Pneumatic drives are mainly used in aluminum smelter plants. IBAU Flow-control gates are available in many different sizes. Sizes 300 – 500 are used for material discharge from alumina silos and provide for the controlled discharge of up to 500 t/h.
As alumina is a relatively free-flowing material, no special measures or precautions are necessary for the silo discharge. All other machines and components from IBAU HAMBURG used in the aluminium industry such as airlifts, mobile loaders, and fluidslides are also available in the required sizes for alumina and additive handling.
The proper functioning of a plant not only depends on tried and tested cutting-edge technology but also the correct dimensioning and design of plant and components. Here IBAU HAMBURG can offer international experience with such plants that stands comparison in all cases.


Client Elkem AS
Type Alumina Storage Silo
Technology Fluidslide Distribution
Location Oslo, Norway