DYCKERHOFF ZEMENT GMBH, Lengerich works, Germany

Raw meal blending silo with a diameter of 20 m, silo height 82,5 m, silo capacity 14.200 m3

Dyckerhoff Zement at Lengerich is probably one of the most modern cement works in Europe. The plant has succeeded in providing a raw meal homogenizing system which requires only about 30-50% of the aeration pressure and specific power consumption of a conventional homogenizing silo.
The silo unit consists of two separate levels for storing and mixing the raw meal. In the upper level there are 7 compartments, each with a volume of 600 m3 (total 4,200 m³). The lower level consists of an annular silo with a central cone and a working volume of 10,000 m3 4,100 m3 in the inner silo and 5,900 m3 in the outer silo.
Between the two silo levels, there is an equipment floor at about 50 m height. The seven compartments of the upper silo level are fed in sequence by pneumatic fluidslides. The feed rate from the raw mill is 350 t/h, and the time taken to fill one compartment is approximately 100 minutes. The raw meal is blended by extracting at a maximum discharge rate of 2,100 t/h.
Up to 150 t/h of raw meal can be recirculated after the collecting bin and fed back to the 7 compartments of the upper silo level. The material can be conveyed from max. 2 of the 7 chambers via a screw pump with a conveying capacity of 120 t/h into the old plant part.


Client Dyckerhoff GmbH
Type Raw Meal Blending Silo
Technology Fluidslides
Location Lengerich, Germany
Silo Capacity 14.200 m3


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