CEMENT AUSTRALIA, Townsville, Australia

Cement storage silo and bulk loading into trucks and rail wagons. Silo diameter of 29,3 m and a capacity of 35,000 t.

The Cement Australia silo is one of the largest cone silos in the world being part of a bulk cement terminal situated in the Port of Townsville.
A silo with a capacity of approx. 35,000 t was required to suit available ship sizes of up to 30,000 dwt and to have sufficient buffer volume for shipping delays, respectively shutdowns of the Gladstone grinding plant.
The silo was designed for continuous operation for 24 h/day, five days a week.
The silo is equipped with three loading lanes: two for truck loading with a loading capacity of 2 x 200 tph, and one for railcar loading with an IBAU Simplex loader with 200 tph and 14 m traveling range.
The installation consists of the cement receive and pumping facilities located at berth 4, a 35,000 t capacity silo with bulk loading facilities for trucks and rail cars, fly ash receive, storage, and blending equipment as well as cement bagging, palletising and storage facilities.


Client Cement Australia
Type Cement Storage Silo
Technology Cone Silo
Diameter 29,3 m
Location Townsville, Australia
Capacity 35,000 t


Christian von Ahn
Mr. Christian von Ahn
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