To this day IBAU HAMBURG has done several conversions of bulk carriers into cement carriers for Brise, among others the M.S. Cemsea, the M.S. Cemstar, M.S. Cemsol and M.S. Cemvale.

Unique in the IBAU concept is the space-saving midship tunnel design that integrates the discharge equipment and divides the holds into a portside and a starboard compartment. The midship tunnel eliminates an extra bottom-to-deck hold for the discharge equipment.
The fluidization system comprises inclined aeration panels, which cover the entire hold bottom. Cement flows to the lowest points in the holds, where IBAU Flow-control gates are installed, which allow an adjustable and computerized flow.
For transporting the cement from the holds to the shore terminal, specially designed screw pumps are used, which have a very low feed point and allow a lateral feeding from the left- and the right-hand side. Each pump transports up to 350 t/h cement, conveying distances of more than 600 m can be achieved.


Client Brise Schiffahrts GmbH
Type Cement Bulk Carrier
Technology Midship Tunnel
Transport rate up to 350 t/h
Conveying distance up to 600 m


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