IBAU Pumps convey the fly ash to two IBAU Silos, each one with a capacity of 2,800 t.

IBAU HAMBURG has the right conveying solution in its program whatever the purpose. The dashing system for the two ESPs (each one with 40 funnels) consists of fluidslides which convey the fly ash to two collecting bins located under the ESPs.

  • Fluidslides These systems are very economical thanks to the low energy consumption and also 100% reliable in service. Ash removal can be performed for all hoppers of one filter row via only one fluidslide. The fluidslide have slopes of 5-7° from the horizontal. Given the high throughputs possible, the systems are also suitable for large quantities of lignite fly ash. Screw pumps are used to transport the ash further up to conveying distances of 500 m.
  • Pressure vessel conveyors: Pressure vessels function according to the dense-phase flow principle. Several vessels are connected to one conveying line. For different conveying quantities different pressure vessel sizes can be combined. The energy consumption is relatively low. Conveying distances > 1000 m are possible. This means no other conveyors are required even with long distances to the silo.
  • Jet conveyors: Jet conveyors are suitable for fly ash quantities of up to 5 t/h and conveying distances up to 100 m max. The specific material/ air ratio is relatively low, and the energy consumption correspondingly high.


Client Alstom Power
Type Fly Ash conveying and storing
Technology IBAU Silos , Fluidslides, IBAU Pumps
Location Florina, Greece