Roller-type discharger

The IBAU HAMBURG Roller-type discharger

This unit for fluidslide conveying systems is well-accepted by engineers and operators worldwide.
The sectional drawing shows the principle convincing by its ingenuity. Dischargers and branching chutes are indispensable in fluidslide conveying systems.
Even the best flap-type dischargers available up to now are often only tight at the beginning of operation.
Incrustations and foreign bodies can cause trouble by causing leaks.
The IBAU Roller-type discharger is different, being as tight as an IBAU Flow-control gate. Many parts are the same as those used in flow-control gates. The bottom is permanently aerated. Maintenance is reduced to the very minimum.

roller type discharger
IBAU Roller-type discharger installed in a fluidslide
bottom discharger
The IBAU Bottom discharger

discharger in straight position
Roller-type discharger in „straight“ position
discharger in discharge position
Roller-type discharger in „discharge“ position


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