Loading chute

The IBAU HAMBURG Loading chute

On all continents and for many decades the IBAU Loading chutes are in operation for the loading of powdered bulk material such as cement, lime, gypsum, fly ash, alumina, etc.
The chute is being lowered onto the opened filling spout. As soon as the cone of the loading chute is set down on the loading spout of the vessel, the sealing cone of the loading chute lowers itself and opens the material feeding line as well as the annular venting area between the cones and the outer bellow.

At the silo outlet, the IBAU Flow-control gate is being opened, and the loading process starts, at first with a small flow, then with the max. flow. An adjustable sensor gives the signal for the end of the feeding process when the vessel is full.

When lifting the loading chute, first the material feeding line and then the annular venting area are being closed. During the loading process, a slack rope switch serves for the automatic lowering of the loading chute.

loading chute


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