Ship Unloaders


For all kinds of pulverised bulk goods

IBAU HAMBURG equipment is custom-built to suit the specific conditions determining each project (i.e. product variety, loading capacity, transport distances and local market conditions).
Standard parts and equipment are the main components of these units. Either Diesel engines can either power them, or they receive the electric power from local sources.
There are different capacity available, for example:
Up to 5.000 dwt and 300 t/h unloading capacity
Up to 15.000 dwt and 400 t/h unloading capacity
Up to 60.000 dwt and 800 t/h unloading capacity
Self-supporting constructions are used for the capacity class up to 15.000 dwt. Supporting structures are needed for ship unloaders of the handy-max class with 20 m long unloading arms.
ibau hamburg ship unloader assembly
Road Mobile Shipunloader IB UL 300/14
road mobile ship un-loader
5,000 dwt class: Road-mobile ship unloader in transport position and Road-mobile pneumatic conveying unit in transport position
port mobile ship unloader colacem
15,000 dwt class: Port-mobile ship unloader for Colacem, Savona, Italy
port mobil ship unloader on rubber tyres
60,000 dwt class: Port mobil ship unloader on rubber tyres for Ceminter, Almeria, Spain


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