Multicompartment Silos


can be more than just a silo

Since it was first built in 1977, the IBAU CENTRAL CONE SILO has been constantly developed, which has led to today’s huge multicompartment silos. They are a major part of a production plant for a variety of building materials. The production of special materials requires mixers, bin weighing stations, as well as finished-product transport equipment, all placed underneath the cone.

the worlds largest ibau multicompartment silo
EXAMPLE MALMÖ/SWEDEN: The worlds largest multicompartment silo, with a capacity of 30.000 t, diameter 26 m, height 90 m, built for Cementa AB HeidelbergCement Group, start-up in March 2012, after 18 months of construction, without any delay or accident.
8 ibau silos with dispatch facilities
8 IBAU Silos with dispatch facilities for road and rail tankers, for the works in Gaurain-Ramecroix of C.C.B., Belgium.


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