Cement Silos


The most efficient silos for storage and dispatch of cement

The central cone is used to accommodate the necessary machinery and equipment such as blowers, filters, electric control boards, compressors, IBAU Pumps and more.
Silos with a raised bottom – built as drive-through silos – are favored, because no intermediate transport is required to feed the packer or the bulk loading facilities.
The world’s largest silo in Townsville, Australia: The silo has an internal diameter of 28 m with a wall height of 44 m, topped by a 5.5 m high parapet, reaching a total height of 49.5 m.
Inside, a 22 m high cone with a 60° inclination is installed on the silo floor with a distance of 2 m to the wall.
Twelve evenly spaced outlets are situated on the floor around the cone, equipped with flow-control and cut-off gates leading to fluid slides inside the cone.

cement terminal in bruneseau paris
Terminal Bruneseau, Paris, Semapa / Ciments Calcia
first ibau hamburg original central cone silo
The first IBAU HAMBURG Original Central cone silo, erected 1977 for Alsen Breitenburg, Lägerdorf / Germany


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