Cement Carriers


From low-capacity to large fully computerised plants

The growing trade of cement and similar products results in new ship capacities and more and more conversions of conventional bulk carriers into specialised cement self-unloaders.

Self-unloading Cement Carriers need no shore-based ship unloading equipment and have an entirely enclosed cargo handling system, using the fluidised system in the cargo holds for cement unloading.

Also, you have cost reductions with the new IBAU HAMBURG Midship tunnel system: Cargo holds with fluidization system and IBAU Pumps. Self-discharging cement carriers with advanced systems, which are fully automated and able to achieve high loading and unloading rates.

Unique for the IBAU Concept is the space saving midship tunnel design that integrates the discharge equipment and divides the holds into a port side and starboard compartment. The midship tunnel eliminates an additional hold for the discharge equipment.

The self unloaders are loaded and unloaded by means of IBAU Pumps, rotary piston blowers and other IBAU Components, all made to measure. In seaborne transportation as well as river/lake transport IBAU HAMBURG has an excellent project experience.

Cargo holds with aeration panels
Cargo holds with aeration panels and fluidisation system with feeding of the IBAU Pump
IBAU HAMBURG Tunnel concept and pumps
The IBAU HAMBURG Tunnel concept: Midship tunnel with the IBAU Pump and aeration panels.

M.V. KEDAH I II on the sea
M.V. KEDAH I II during one of its supply voyages
cement barge on a river
The cement barge of LAFARGE CEMENT during the voyage on the river Seine


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